ATGATT Meaning: All The Gear All The Time

ATGATT Meaning: All The Gear All The Time

So your puzzled about the meaning of ATGATT? Kind of a weird acronym huh?

Well in biker speak, ATGATT meaning is equal to – All The Gear All The Time!

Let’s take a look at what that really means.

ATGATT Meaning

ATGATT or All The Gear All The Time is simply a way to state I’m wearing all the appropriate riding gear when I hit the road on my motorcycle.

I’m sure you’ve seen riders on the road in shorts, t-shirts, no helmet, and sneakers. That is not ATGATT. What else is not?

  • A helmet with jeans and a short sleeve shirt
  • A sleeveless leather vest
  • Tennis shoes

ATGATT means the following, All The Gear All The Time! No exceptions!

ATGATT Meaning In Reality

Now in the pure sense of the word, ATGATT is somewhat difficult to achieve for most motorcycle enthusiasts.  Here’s a quick run down of what this really means:

  • Helmet (any type will do as long as it’s DOT approved)
  • Leather Jacket with armor
  • Riding Jeans (and I’m not talking about your 501’s)
  • Boots (with reinforced protection)
  • Full fingered gloves

Of course if you have a leather riding suit, you can probably get away without a jacket and riding jeans. The riding suit is actually a better option.

As you can see, All The Gear All The Time is a major commitment.

The reality is actually somewhat different. Most riders will cover the basics outlined above, which looks something like this:

  • Helmet
  • Some form of riding jacket (could be leather or textile)
  • Jeans (typically your Wrangler or Levi variety)
  • Boots (some form of boot)
  • Gloves (full fingered to fingerless)

A word about jeans. Your typical jean is made out of cotton. Ever see what cotton does when it’s dragged along asphalt for 50 or so feet? It doesn’t take long for a hole to be worn right through the material. So while jeans may be better than shorts, it’s not going to help your skin much if they are ripping apart while you are sliding down the road.

The better option is a kevlar reinforced jean with armor at the critical points.

ATGATT Means Discomfort

Yep, if your going to suit up, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Sitting on a bike in 80 – 90 degree weather while waiting for a traffic light to turn green is a royal pain in the ass!

All The Gear All The Time is an insurance policy. You don’t know if you’ll ever need it, and hopefully you won’t, but if and when the time comes, you’ll be thankful.


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