Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets For Your Money

Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets For Your Money

Looking for the best Arai motorcycle helmets for your money? Keep reading, I’m about to clue you in on some great discounts on the Arai helmet line that are available to you right now!

I seem to be harping on how great the Arai motorcycle helmet line up is. Fact of the matter is, it’s true, at least in my opinion. Now don’t get me wrong, there are other great helmet brands out there. My point about Arai being the best motorcycle helmet you can get for your money is based upon two principals:

  1. They focus on your head shape
  2. Motorcycle helmets are in their blood, literally, the company is family owned and they all ride

Find me another helmet manufacturer that tells you which of their helmets fit what shape head. There’s no searching around and guessing, it’s all right there on their website.

So, in the spirit of the Oscar’s (yawn), let’s do a Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets themed post. We’ll give out our own Motorcycle Gearology award for the following categories:

  • Best Budget Arai Helmet
  • Best High-End Arai Helmet
  • Best Entry Level Arai Helmet
  • Plus two special awards for you round or long oval head shapes

What are the best Arai motorcycle helmets? Lets dig in and find out.

Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets

Arai’s lineup consists of 13 different helmet types, that can be broken down as follows:

  • 7 full face helmets
  • 4 open face helmets
  • 2 off-road helmets

Each of these helmets are customizable in terms of colors and designs. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the 7 full face helmets.

As mentioned previously, each of these full face helmets are geared to a specific head shape. So if you have a narrow head, you’ll know exactly which helmet you should be purchasing. I will call that out for each of the helmets below, and you can verify that information directly on their website.

Let’s take a look at my awards for the best Arai motorcycle helmets.

Best Budget Arai Helmet

The award for the best budget Arai helmet goes to the Vector 2.  This Vector 2 helmet may not have all the toys and features that the top of the line Arai helmet has, but the price reflects that. If you are a rider that won’t consider anything other than an Arai helmet, and you happen to be on a budget, consider the Arai Vector 2.

So what do you get for your money? Here’s some of the features that come standard on the Arai Vector 2:

  • Peel away side temple pad and cheek pad that gives you another level of fit customization
  • Chin vent where you can control how you want the airflow directed
  • Top vent
  • Rear vent wing
  • Lower center of gravity for a lighter feeling helmet

The Vector 2 is available in 13 colors and styles, and lists from $510 – $640 depending on the design you go with.

Still too rich for you blood? How about this Vector 2 that you can pick up for just over $400.

Head Shape: Intermediate Oval.

Best High End Arai Helmet

The best high-end Arai helmet is the Corsair-X. Consider the Arai Corsair-X the little brother to the Corsair-X RC (that’s racing carbon for you folks not in know). The Corsair lineup is what made the Arai name. It’s the culmination of Arai’s vast experience in helmet design and manufacturing.

If you have the funds for the top of the line Arai helmet, the Corsair-X is for you. Features include:

  • An improved shell that provides additional strength and flexability
  • A dual function lever that allows for quick shield changes
  • Improved duct design that increases air flow by 11%
  • An improved shell design that improves glance off ability when contacting a solid object
  • An Eco Pure liner that maintains a neutral PH level when in contact with skin
  • Improved chin curtain that blocks turbulent air from entering underneath the helmet

The Corsair-X is available in a whopping 28 colors and styles. It lists from $849 for a solid black, white, or silver helmet all they way up to $1,059 for the limited edition IOM 2017 model.

Granted the Corsair-X is a little pricey, but what do you expect for a high-end helmet. Want it cheaper? How does $620 sound for the Corsair-X?

Head Shape: Intermediate Oval.

Best Entry Level Arai Helmet

The DT-X could be considered an entry level helmet because of it’s low price, but it’s really far from that. With included features that are normally found on the upper tier Arai helmets, the DT-X can easily be compared to the likes of the Signet-X or Quantum-X.

What features do you get in this entry level helmet?

  • An antimicrobal interior that reduces odor
  • Peel away cheek and temple pads to customize fit
  • A neck roll to reduce noise and streamline removal of the helmet
  • 10 ventilation ports utilizing Arai’s dual flow ventilation system
  • A compact helmet that reduces size and weight

The DT-X is available in 10 colors and styles, and for those of you that like to flash a little patriotism, you can find a design with the UK or Italian flag . It lists from $589 for a white or black model and maxes out at $729 for some of the cooler designs.

$590 for an entry level helmet from Arai is a pretty awesome price. Want it even more awesome, how about this DT-X for $540?

Head Shape: Intermediate Oval.

I Don’t Have An Intermediate Oval Head

As you may have noticed, all the awards for the best Arai motorcycle helmets are geared towards an intermediate oval head shape. What if you don’t have an intermediate oval head?

Not to fear, Arai has you covered if you have a long oval or round head shape.

So two special awards for the best Arai motorcycle helmets for the non intermediate oval head shape go to the following:

Best Arai Helmet for Long Oval Heads

If you have a long oval head, the Arai Signet-X is the helmet of choice. In fact it’s currently the only Arai helmet that is made for the long oval head shape.

The Signet-X comes in 26 colors and designs, and can be found from $679 all the way up to $869 (based upon designs).

Best Arai Helmet for Round Heads

Don’t have an oval head? How about the Arai Quantum-X, geared toward the round oval head shape (or simply round heads).

The Quantum-X can be found in 22 colors and designs, and the price ranges from $679 – $829 based upon your design preferences.

Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets Wrap Up

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to motorcycle helmets, look no further than Arai.

Sure you’ll pay a little more, but you do really get what you pay for. Even in our best budget and best entry level helmet category, you’ll find features not available with other helmet manufactures.

You can always get good deals on closeout models that aren’t being manufactured any longer, like the Defiant Pro-Cruise.

If you have a better selection for the best Arai motorcycle helmets award, be sure to leave a comment below!

Safe riding everyone…


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