The Best Motorcycle Helmet You Can Buy

The Best Motorcycle Helmet You Can Buy

What’s the best motorcycle helmet you can buy with your hard earned money?

Unfortunately, that’s not such an easy question to answer. I hate to disappoint you, but you can’t make a general statement like “What’s the best motorcycle helmet”, without providing some additional data points.

Data points? Yea, there’s far too many variables that go into answering a question like that. Maybe your looking for something along the following lines:

  • What’s the best full face motorcycle helmet (or half helmet, or three-quarter helmet)
  • The best motorcycle helmet under $500
  • What’s the best motorcycle helmet for the track
  • How about the best motorcycle helmet for narrow head

See what I mean?

What’s The Best Motorcycle Helmet?

Want to know what the best motorcycle helmet you can buy is?

How about this bad boy.

The Arai Corsair-X RC motorcycle helmet (RC stands for Racing Carbon). Looking for the ultimate track helmet, this is it. Carbon fiber, the type you’ll find on the most up to date airliners. Improved air flow and visibility, and a design with a rounder smoother shell that allows it to glance off of objects easily.

That will set you back a mere $4000. Is that what you had in mind?


Maybe I can interest you in the Corsair-X RC’s little brother, the plain ole Corsair-X. This is the best of the Arai line up, and the Corsair-X has long been known as the Arai helmet of choice. You get pretty much everything offered in the Corsair-X RC model, with the exception of the racing carbon fiber. There are 28 colors and designs to choose from that will appeal to most any taste.

List price on this helmet is $850. You wanted the best right?

If that’s a little too rich for you, luckily you can find the Corsair-X elsewhere as low as $650. That’s almost a 25% savings off the list price.

What’s The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brand?

Maybe you’re interested in the best motorcycle helmet brand?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Arai or Shoei or Schuberth. Probably one you’ve never heard of.

How about Ruby motorcycle helmets. These are made my French manufacturer Ateliers Ruby Paris. If you check out their site, you’ll notice that a number of their helmet models are sold out. That’s because they don’t do mass production, most of their helmets are made on demand.

Expect to shell out at least $900 and up depending on the model.

What can you expect to get for that kind of money? A carbon fiber shell, an ultra light weight motorcycle helmet, DOT and ECE certification, and a nappa leather and lambskin interior for comfort. Oh, and it comes in a fancy red ruby box. On the plus side, three different visors are included (clear, light smoke, and dark smoke).

Best Motorcycle Helmets You Can Buy

Let’s narrow the scope down somewhat, and focus on some of the best motorcycle helmets you can buy based upon helmet type.

This is purely subjective, and what may be the best in my mind, may not be the best in yours. Also keep in mind the shape of your head, as that should be a major factor when deciding what helmet is considered the best.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best full face motorcycle helmet goes to Arai, but expect to pay a little more.

I’m a big fan of the Arai brand, mainly because they cater to your head shape. Each motorcycle helmet brand on their site clearly calls out what type of head shape the helmet fits. There’s no guessing or waisting time researching, it’s all there in black and white.

While we called out the Arai Corsair-X previously, there’s other models to choose from. We’ll be looking at the best Arai motorcycle helmets in a later post, but for now you can browse some of the other Arai helmet models right here.

And if you look hard enough, you can find an Arai helmet for under $500.


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