Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet: What Are These Things?

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet: What Are These Things?

You’ve heard of carbon fiber, and you’ve probably heard of a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

But what is a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet? Why are they so expensive, and what’s the benefit of a carbon fiber helmet over a regular old motorcycle helmet?

Perhaps the bigger question is, do you really need a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, and are there options that are affordable?

We’ll cover all that and more in the next few section.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Before we start exploring carbon fiber motorcycle helmets, let’s understand what carbon fiber is.

Let’s start with a simple explanation. Carbon fiber is a strong and lightweight material that is five times stronger than steel.

Need a bit more then that?

Carbon fiber, also known as graphite fiber, are fibers composed mostly of carbon atoms. Carbon fibers are typically combined with other materials to make a composite that can be woven into a material.

The advantage is a high strength to weight ratio material that is rigid, low weight, and extremely strong. These properties make carbon fiber and ideal material that has been used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Civil Engineering
  • Sports

What Is A Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet?

carbon fiber motorcycle helmet

Now that we know what carbon fiber is, what exactly is a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet?

Well if carbon fiber is a composite material that can be woven into most anything, a carbon fiber helmet shell is made from this carbon fiber composite material. The key benefit of the helmet is that it’s durable, rigid, and a lightweight motorcycle helmet.

Keep in mind, the primary purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your brain in the case of an impact with something solid (say a road). How does a helmet do this? A helmet needs to absorb the energy of an impact, not your head. Where carbon fiber stands out is it’s ability to do this, over a traditional motorcycle helmet. Carbon fiber is very strong and rigid material. It reduces the flexing that can occur during an impact, thereby limiting the transfer of energy during an impact to your head.

A carbon fiber helmet is lighter than a traditional motorcycle helmet. Why is that good? Well if you are wearing a lighter helmet, it reduces rider fatigue. How much lighter is a carbon fiber helmet over a traditional fiberglass helmet liner? Well that depends on the helmet and what you are comparing it to. Don’t be surprised to see a 20% weight reduction with a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

Lastly, carbon fiber looks cool given the way it’s manufactured. There’s no questioning if a motorcycle helmet is made from carbon fiber. So a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet will make you look way cooler on your bike.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Prices

When riders think of a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, they usually think the cost is out of their price range. I guess the question is, what is their price point for a helmet?

Yes, carbon fiber helmets can be expensive. Take the AGV Pista GP R which lists for $1500. Ouch! Don’t get me wrong, this is a great motorcycle helmet if you are a professional racer. Probably a bit overkill for the standard rider.

With that said, carbon fiber motorcycle helmets can also be affordable. Would you be shocked if I said you could find a carbon fiber helmet for under $100? I’m not kidding, just take a look right here.

Carbon fiber helmets don’t have to cost a fortune. You can get improved protection, at a lighter weight then fiberglass, for about the same cost as a standard helmet. All the major helmet manufactures produce them at varying price points. As with anything, be sure to do your homework.

And stay tuned for our next post…  We’ll explore some different carbon fiber helmets, in the different helmet categories.

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