Arai Defiant Review: The Defiant Pro-Cruise

If you’re interested in reading an Arai Defiant review, I’ll do you one better. I’ll give you an Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise review. Good luck even finding the original Arai Defiant, and why waste your money when you have a better option in the Defiant Pro-Cruise.

Why? I’ll give you two reasons why you want to keep reading this Arai Defiant review on the Pro-Cruise:

  1. The Defiant Pro-Cruise expands on the original Arai Defiant. Quite simply that means more functionality for your money
  2. The Defiant-X, the latest offering by Arai in the Defiant family will set you back at least $650. You can save yourself $140 by picking up a Defiant Pro-Cruise, and it has more functionality then the Defiant-X

So this isn’t just any old Arai Defiant review you’re about to read, it’s a review on the Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise.

Arai Defiant Review: The Defiant Pro-Cruise
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Like all of my reviews, this Arai Defiant review on the Defiant Pro-Cruise will be following a standard format that covers the following topics: cost, sizing, safety, design, ventilation, noise, visibility, and weight.

Arai Defiant Review Quick Summary

The Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Helmet expands on the functionality of the first generation Arai Defiant Helmets by adding the Arai Pro Shade system.

This Pro Shade system operates as both a peak and a sun shade, and is actually quite effective if you can get past the ascetics. The Pro Shade System is a small peak that is locked in position at the brow line. To transform the peak into a sun shade, simply pull the Pro Shade System forward, then it can be flipped down to act as an effective sun-visor.

Bam! No more carrying multiple visors or swapping them out before every ride.

The Defiant Pro-Cruse was built for a more upright riding position, those that ride a street fighter or naked bike. It has an integrated chin spoiler, designed to guide wind around the neck and to improve the helmets aerodynamic properties for those that ride an upright bike.

A Hyper Ridge Bumper circles the bottom of the shell both adding additional strength and also lowering the helmets center of gravity, while flaring the helmet opening slightly to increase the ease of putting on, and taking off.

The helmet’s line consists of larger ear pockets with a small cutout for Bluetooth speakers if you wish to install those as an option.

The Arai Defiant was one of Arai’s biggest sellers, and this helmet should continue that trend.


I wanted to include cost as the first topic in this Arai Defiant review, so you know whether to keep reading. Most folks have a budget in mind when it comes to purchasing a new motorcycle helmet, and if the Defiant Pro-Cruise doesn’t fit within that budget, why keep reading right?

You can find some really good deals on the Defiant Pro Cruise since Arai isn’t manufacturing this helmet any longer.

Hint: Closeout Deals!

Most on-line retail shops are selling different colors starting in the low $600’s, but you can find this helmet (like the one I’m featuring above) for under $550. If you look hard enough, you can pick one up for closer to $500.


If you have a round or long oval head shape, unfortunately this helmet is not for you.

The Defiant Pro-Cruise is designed for an intermediate oval head shape, that’s a slightly narrow head. By removing the 5mm cheek pads you can buy yourself a bit more space which will give it a more neutral fit.

Fit is true and comfortable, provided you buy the right size.


The Defiant Po-Cruise is both DOT and SNELL M2015 certified.

The external vents are designed to break off on impact to lessen any risk of being caught on something during a crash. This is all part of the rounded design of the helmet that improves glance off ability in the event of a crash.


The Defiant Pro Cruise is available in the following six solid colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Diamond White
  • Diamond Black
  • Fluorescent Yellow

There’s also a number of different design patterns that you can purchase. I really like these designs, as there’s some subtle color patterns mixed in with the solid black colors. Gives the helmet an touch of color without being obscene. 


To say the vents on the Defiant Pro-Cruise are more efficient than some of the older style Arai helmets would e an understatement.

First off the Pro-Cruise has a massive chin vent which allows a ton of airflow. This is in addition to the brow and scalp vents found on most helmets. The rear vet can be opened or closed, and in the open position it acts as a suction causing air to be pulled across the riders head. Large openings throughout the liner allow airflow from the vents to the exhaust to flow across the riders head.

The vents have the most solid feeling slider ever experienced on a helmet. Each vent has a half way stop that actually works by limiting the airflow.

As some riders have stated, ventilation is insane, it’s like having a fan built into the helmet.


With all the ventilation on the Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise you would think noise would be an issue. That’s actually not the case.

This helmet is designed for motorcycles without a fairing (street fighters), that ride in a more upright position. As such the helmet is designed for such a ride in terms of ventilation and chin curtain placement.

Overall the Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise is a tad quieter than the average helmet.


Visibility is excellent and a bit better than the original Defiant helmet.

The Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Helmet utilizes Arai’s latest face shield design, the SAI Max Vision Pinlock Shield with Brow Vents. This shield has been extended by 5mm on either side and offers one of the widest eye ports available to improve your peripheral vision.

Forget the need to carry multiple visors with the pro shade system, this thing really works. A simple tug on the peak engages the sun visor to offer built in sun protection. The only complaint I’ve seen has to do with looking at the bottom portion of the sun shade when it’s engaged. Whether or not you experience that, has to do with how the helmet fits.

The face shield can also be cracked open to help with any fogging issues.


The Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise weighs in at just over 3 lbs 13 oz. (that’s for the large size).  Slightly heavier than the original Defiant, possibly caused by improved SNELL rating.

If you’re concerned about weight, don’t be, this is about average when compared to other helmets

Arai Defiant Review Summary

Those are the facts/opinions for this Arai Defiant review on the Defiant Pro-Cruise.

What about the rating I gave the Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise?

I immediately knocked a star off the rating because of the fact this is a discontinued model. Is that a big deal? Probably not since you can get this helmet at a huge discount. But it is an older helmet in the grand scheme of things.

Second, you’re still spending in excess of $500 for a helmet. Now if you can’t live without the Arai brand, this is a great deal. If you’re simply looking for a great quality helmet, you may want to look for something else. Another quarter star deduction.

Finally, I’m taking away another quarter star for the weight of the helmet. While this isn’t a heavy helmet by any means, it’s not light. If I’m spending this kind of money, I want something better than average.

Therefore, this Arai Defiant review awards a 3.5 star rating for the Defiant Pro-Cruise helmet.

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