Bell RS1 Helmet Review

Obviously you’re interested in reading a Bell RS1 Helmet review if you’ve made it this far.

Hopefully you realize the Bell RS-1 Helmet is not being manufactured any longer by Bell Helmets, but don’t let that scare you away. You can still purchase this great motorcycle helmet at a fraction of the cost from when it was first released.

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, the Bell RS1 Helmet is an item you definitely want to check out further. How do I know? I’ve been riding with this particular helmet for the last 5 years.

Great helmet, at a very affordable price.

Ok, enough of the promoting, lets get into the Bell RS1 Helmet review.

Bell RS1 Helmet Review
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Spending in excess of $500 on a new motorcycle helmet was not an option for me as a newer rider. What I wanted was an affordable helmet, that had the following qualities:

  1. Obviously it needed to protect my head and have the appropriate safety ratings
  2. It needed to be ventilated, and I’m not talking about one measly vent
  3. Noise? I needed something that would restrict noise volume
  4. Had to have a good field of vision
  5. Lastly, it needed to be affordable

You need to do your research.

I checked out a number of Bell RS1 helmet review sites, before I made my decision. I’m updating an older review I did, that will give you my perspective after riding in the thing for over 5 years.

If you can’t trust that, what can you trust.

The Bell RS1 Helmet Review

By the way. You’ll see a theme here for all my helmet reviews, including the Bell RS-1 helmet I’m reviewing here. I’ll be using the same criteria across all reviews to give us an apples to apples comparison.


While sizing your helmet is always important, don’t forget to take the shape of your head into account. Not all motorcycle helmets are created equal when it comes to the shape of your head.

In my case, I have what’s considered a narrow shaped head. Always have a challenge getting a baseball cap to fit properly. So getting a helmet that’s not geared to the shape of my head is practically useless.

Luckily for me, the Bell RS1 helmet is made for a narrow head. The fit is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, the helmet fits tight when I put it on, but that’s exactly what I want.

Is it comfortable? Absolutely. While the fit is snug, it’s not uncomfortable. The helmet liner consists of a soft/plush material, which makes riding comfortable.


You’re aware of safety ratings right? Good, because I wasn’t about to buy a helmet that wasn’t at least DOT certified.

Added bonus. The Bell RS1 helmet meets both DOT and SNELL safety standards.


You dig colors and graphics? The Bell RS1 helmet comes in a variety of designs to suit most any taste. This is one slick looking helmet, and has a rear spoiler to boot.


Back when this bad boy was released, it sold for over $400 brand new.

If you’re the type that likes saving money, you can easily find a new Bell RS1 helmet for under $300. I’ve even seen them sold for under $200. That’s a savings of over 50% from when it was first released.


If you’re the type that doesn’t like you head overheating, the Bell RS1 helmet has you covered in the ventilation department.

Not one vent, not two, but three different vents to cool your cranium. All this hot hair exits from two different exit ports found at the back of the helmet.

Does it work? You bet it does. I’ve not once had a sweat soaked head after riding.


Let me guess. You’re worried about wind noise with all this ventilation going on.

Not true. This helmet is quite. While I typically ride with ear plugs, there are times where I’ll head out for a short cruise. Sometimes I forget I’m not wearing ear plugs when I wearing the Bell RS1 helmet. It’s that quite.


Granted this is a full face helmet, and you’re not going to have the visibility you would have with a three-quarter or half helmet.

I’ve experienced no significant restrictions in visibility while wearing the Bell RS-1.


I want to talk about the visor for a minute, specifically how easy it is to swap this out for another visor.

You can easily swap out the visor in under a minute. No tools required. Open the visor, push a button, pop the old visor off, snap the new visor on. All courtesy of the ClickRelease Shield.

Bell RS1 Helmet Review Summary

So if you were to ask me the question on whether I would buy another Bell RS1 helmet, my answer would be an emphatic yes.

In my opinion, the Bell RS1 helmet compares to other helmets that cost two or three times the price. Let’s not forget, you can purchase this helmet new for under $300. Who cares that Bell is not making it anymore, this is a great motorcycle helmet.

I gave the Bell RS1 helmet a rating of 3.5 stars, which is primarily driven by the fact that this is an older model helmet, and not being manufactured any longer. With the advances in technology, you can find a better helmet if you’re willing to pay a little more.

If you questions based upon my Bell RS1 helmet review, feel free to leave a comment below.

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